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Deborah Hill & Associates  provides Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 representation for creditors and individuals. If you are in foreclosure, unable to pay bills, or need relief from a bankruptcy stay, we can help.  

In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy If you owe more money than you can afford to repay over time, you may benefit from the services of Deborah Hill & Associates. Please note that a Chapter 7 bankruptcy the Trustee may also require you sell some of your assets to pay your debts.

In a Chapter 13, an individual or company owes money but needs additional time to pay. Please note that the Court appoints a Trustee who will help you straighten out your finances and unlike a Chapter 7 the individual is required to file a plan to pay off the money owed over a three to five-year period under the Bankruptcy Court’s supervision.

Give us a call to determine whether this is the path you need to take if you are in a financial jam. 


Real Estate

 Mortgage & Tax Foreclosure – Deborah Hill & Associates has extensive experience in mortgage and tax foreclosure on behalf of investors, banks and servicers. Letour law office take care of your mortgage default needs today.

Mortgage Foreclobsure Defense - Homeowners threatened with losing their home through a bank foreclosure may benefit from the services of Deborah Hill & Associates0. When you buy a home, you usually get a bank loan and agree to repay it with monthly payments. If you fail to make the payments, the bank can start a foreclosure action, which enables them to sell your home to pay off the loan. Deborah Hill can explain your options to avoid a foreclosure sale, and help you to decide the best course of action for your situation.

Landlord or Tenant - Landlord tenant law concerns landlord and tenants' rights and responsibilities. Because the apartment you rent is your own personal space, the law places many limits on landlords' activities.

Tenants- if a landlord tries to make you move without giving you enough notice, or ignores a rat infestation in your apartment our firm knows what options you have as a tenant.

Landlords– if you who have tenants breaking rules, such as moving out three months early or refusing to pay rent. Tenant eviction laws are very specific, with different rules in each city. If you are being evicted or if you have a tenant you want to evict, you may benefit from the services of our law firm. 

Eviction or Ejectment - Our firm provides practical counsel and effective representation navigating the eviction process effectively for landlords.

Criminal Defense

DUI/DWI - If you are suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may be arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated)  A DUI/DWI conviction has serious consequences (for example, losing your driving privileges); but Deborah Hill & Associates can often get the charges dropped or reduced, or may be able to negotiate lesser penalties depending on your circumstances and your past history. Let us help.  Call today.

Expungement - If you were previously arrested or convicted of a crime, Deborah Hill & Associates can help you remove those charges or seal your record from public view. This can be beneficial for both your professional and personal life, and our firm  can help you navigate the criteria and process for applying.  

Speeding and Traffic Tickets - If the police give you a ticket for violating traffic laws (quite often for speeding), you may require the services of Deborah Hill & Associates to help you through traffic court Call today.

MVA Hearings - Sometimes DUI/DWI or excessive speeding will trigger a MVA Hearing which could restrict or suspend your driving privileges.  Let Deborah Hill & Associates to help.  

Family Law

 Adoption - An adoption lawyer helps to place children with parents other than their birth parents. An adoption cuts off the birth parents' rights and responsibilities, and gives them to the adoptive parents. Once an adoption is final, the adopted child receives the same legal treatment as a biological child. Adoption is often an emotional time and Deborah Hill & Associates can help you make the right decisions for the child.

Child Abuse – Deborah Hill & Associates understands  issues related to child abuse and neglect, and child physical or emotional abuse claims can arise in a variety of contexts and motives. Sometimes the young victim tells a relative, who then files a lawsuit; at other times, a government agency such as Child Protective Services may press charges. Because of the victims' tender age, abuse cases frequently are complicated. You may need a lawyer whether you have been accused of child abuse, or if you're seeking to file a lawsuit on the victim's behalf.  Let us help you.

Child Custody -  If you are getting divorced and have children, part of the divorce agreement will involve determining where and with whom the children will live. A DHH LAW can help you negotiate custody, either by agreement or in court. The custodial parent (the one the child lives with) earns the legal right to make decisions regarding the child's lifestyle, welfare, and education. Some parents opt for joint custody, which means children divide their time between both parents' homes, and parents share the right to make decisions on behalf of the children. If you as parents are unable to agree on child custody, a judge will decide for you.  Let DHH LAW help you.

Child Support -  If you are a parent and you divorce, the parent the child lives with often receives money (child support) from the parent no longer living with the child. Unlike alimony, which is paid to maintain an ex-spouse's lifestyle, child support pays for the child's physical, emotional, and educational needs. A child support lawyer can help parents negotiate and calculate child support, either by agreement or in court. Maryland State Guidelines are used to calculate child support amounts and income that exceeds the guidelines

Paternity - If you believe you are not the father of a child and want to contest a child support claim, a DHH LAW can also help you determine paternity.  If you are determined to be the father, DHH LAW can advise you of your rights.  Come in for a free consultation.

Divorce – DHH LAW can help you if you no longer want to be married. Whether you want a legal separation or the marriage ended, DHH LAW can assist you to arrange financial and family matters, typically in a negotiation with your spouse's lawyer. Alimony, child custody, child support, and a fair division of community assets (like who keeps the house or how your checking and savings accounts are divided) are matters that Deborah Hill & Associates will help you to determine.  Come in for a free consultation today. 

Guardianship - When a person is too young to make decisions or is incapacitated and can no longer care for their own interests, guardian law allows the court to appoint someone to make legal and welfare decisions for them. A legal guardian may be appointed as a limited decision-maker or an all-purpose decision-maker. For example, children whose parents are divorcing often have limited legal guardians help decide custody issues. Nursing home residents may need a general legal guardian to make all their welfare decisions for them. Guardianship lawyers advise you about the appropriate legal guardianship for your particular circumstances. They also help with guardianship forms and other legal paperwork, and represent the guardian once one is appointed.  Let our firm  help you if you have a loved one in this situation.

OAH Hearings – Deborah Hill & Associates will represent you during a DSS or CPS investigation and appeals process.  Do you have an INDICATED finding? Let our firm help. Call us today. 


 If you have issues with someone and want to sue, consult Deborah Hill & Associates.  Our firm has the experience to will handle the litigation process and understands the mechanics of the courtroom. We can also help you decide whether your case is appropriate for a lawsuit, or if it might be better handled through the mediation or arbitration process. Our firm will research the facts that caused the dispute, and analyze them to identify the appropriate law and how it applies. After this preliminary review, Deborah Hill & Associates gives you an analysis of your rights and an estimate of your ability to be successful in court. We know the information you will need to present in court as well as the process, procedures, and deadlines you must meet to keep your lawsuit on track.  Call us today. 

Personal Injury

Deborah Hill & Associates works with clients who have suffered a physical or emotional injury, usually by accident or mistake. They cover cases such as car accidents, botched surgery, and harassment. Our firm knows how the insurance claim process works, they know what evidence to gather, and they know how to calculate and present a claim for damages. Deborah Hill & Associates will take cases  on a contingency basis, which means our firm will receive an agreed-upon percentage of the payment you receive, also called the personal injury settlement. If you don't recover any money, then the law firm does not get paid a fee.  Deborah Hill & Associates will  defend you if someone thinks an injury is your fault. Call today for a free consultation. 


Removal Proceedings for Minors.  There are few groups in the United States more vulnerable than undocumented and unaccompanied immigrant children.  The circumstances of their arrival in the U.S. include fleeing danges and natural disasters in their home countries, separation from family members, abuse, neglect, abandonment and being the victims of crimes such as human trafficking and child labor.  Deborah Hill & Associates provide comprehensive legal representation for these minor children in State and Federal court.  Call us today.